Denise began dancing at the age of 9. From an early age, she was exposed to Chinese Folk Dance and Modern Dance. She found herself delighted by Middle Eastern Culture and hence started learning Belly Dance in 2009 from Nur Shiblie, founder of Alhambra Belly Dance.

The joy of Belly Dace inspired her to attend numerous workshops conducted by famous master teachers locally and internationally/ These teachers include Shahdana (Argentina), Saida (Argentina), Yamil (Argentina), Taly (France), Helene (Norway), Khaled Mahmood (Egypt), Nour (Eygpt), Tito (Egypt), Mahmood Reda (Egypt), Kazafy (Egypt), Yana (Russia), Sona (United States), Bonzeka (United States) and many more.  

Our Instructor’s Profile - Denise